Born 1928, Northern France (day and month unknown)
Birth Name
Joined Cherub


Appearance Handsome, stocky build, greenish blue eyes, tangled blond hair.

Reading, movies, good food.


Crowded spaces, cows, getting thrashed.

Cherub Career
Final Shirt Rank

The Good Looking Rebel

Marc was abandoned as a baby at Beauvais station north of Paris. His mother was never found and he spent the first twelve years of his life living in an all-boys orphanage run by the catholic church.

Marc is popular and outgoing, although he can be painfully shy around girls.

His sheltered upbringing in a rural orphanage means he knows very little about the world beyond farming and schoolwork.

Marc’s average appearance belies a significant intelligence. His gift for foreign languages was recognised by a friendly teacher who taught Marc to speak German, a very useful skill in German occupied France.



“The cow lifted its tail and did a giant shit in my face.” Marc reflects upon the glamorous side of farming.


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