Born 1909, Glasgow, UK.
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Joined Cherub


Appearance Average height, pale skin, slightly overweight.

Guinness, Paris, anything pink.


Snobs, badly fitting shoes.

Cherub Career
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The One Who Gets Things Done

The daughter of a riveter in the Clyde ship yards, McAfferty went to a Glasgow grammar school and won a partial scholarship to Edinburgh University.

After achieving a double first in Economics and French, she spent three years with the diplomatic service. First stationed in France, then for a two year posting in Malaya

Unfortunately, in the 1930s the opportunities for women in the diplomatic service were limited to secretarial work. McAfferty found typing tiresome and came back to London where she became Charles Henderson’s assistant in the Espionage Research Unit



“My feet swell up, so I hope they have some shoes that fit comfortably.” McAfferty finds herself conscripted into the Royal Navy.


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